There are many people who contribute to the rescuing and placement of our cats and I'd
like to acknowledge them as our Knights In Shining Armor. Without them, none of this
would be possible.
Spay Neuter Assistance Program of Pennsylvania
    When I started, SNAP's express Clinic is where almost all the cats got spayed or neutered. The
Express clinics came to an end with the passing of Dr Matthew Murphy. SNAP still helps us, but we
go through Silver Springs Animal Clinic now. They are great people doing a wonderful thing to help
cats and their caretakers. If you have a cat that needs altered, Females are $40, Males $25.
Distemper & Rabies are $10 each. Check out their website for more information! They are 501c3 of
course and welcome donations so that they can continue to help other cats!
Bill-The Kitten Man
    I could simply call Bill a foster, but that wouldn't accurately explain his role. Bill has a
heated/air conditioned very nice building that we call the kitten shack. He takes care of almost all
the cats. So every day he does litter boxes, gives them food & water, and medicates whenever
There are cages where needed,until cats are FIV/FeLV tested or if they aren't getting along with
other cats or other things of that nature.
The rest of the cats roam free. They sleep on beds, crawl on cat trees, climb up cages, bask by
windows, and keep active in tons of other ways.

     Bill has 12 years experience and we put it to great use! He's wonderful and we couldn't save so
many cats without his help.  I'm thankful to have him as a partner in the rescue world and as a
friend. The cats I know would express their gratitude if they could
    We switched to Silver Spring Animal Clinic in March 2013. I had heard their name many times as
references for some great adopters who talked about how wonderful they were. Then, I found out
they had started working with the Spay Neuter Assistance Program (below). I started chatting with
some other rescuers about them and they all raved, I decided to give them a try.
Within the first few months we had met all but one of their 7 doctors and had spent a few
thousand there due to routine things and emergencies. If not for the kindness they extend to
rescues, it would have been over twice the amount.
     The MOST important thing though is how they treat my babies. Dog, cat, feral, friendly, they
all get handled carefully and lovingly. They don't push euthanasia because it's just one of many
homeless animals, they help me figure out and do what's best for the animals. They've also made
correct and prompt diagnoses and successful treatments.
     All these things add up to the best vet I've ever used. I would recommend Silver Spring,
Palmyra, Colonial Park, and now Pine Grove Animal Clinics to anyone who wants a caring vet.