About Colleens Critter Crusades
         I started by doing Trap Neuter Return on a friend of a friend's farm, April 2008. I was
amazed that someone had over 50 cats(they didn't feed), most sick. I knew there had to be
someway to help these guys! With the help of some wonderful local  programs, I was able to start
getting these cats altered for free. All I had to do was buy cages and supplies for the cats after
care.(I don't release them immediately after surgery, I let them heal first) Soon, I had people
calling me asking me for help on farms near them and even farmers themselves calling.

        Later that year, in  June, a cat had kittens in my neighborhood. It turns out the cat had been
abandoned by it's owners in May. I couldn't leave these guys out there so I contacted a local
rescue and I fostered the kittens until one of their regular fosters had space. One night during
this time, I had a discussion on my porch with a neighbor who had been hearing loud crying from a
cat somewhere outside her home.I talked about slowly taking care of the cats in our community.
She went home and was back 5 minutes later, the cat had finally showed itself. An adult declawed
female I named Fussybutt because of her vocalizing. Within two weeks, I had another adult, three
more kittens and a "teenage" kitty pawned off on me, some of them sick. I was overwhelmed. I
contacted local rescues, but most were full. I was finally able to find help for the sick ones, which
left me  with four. I got them vetted and found them homes. That was it, I knew what I had to do.
So many more needed help.

        I continued with TNR and rescuing cats as I could, one or two at a time, and then adopting
them out.

        I was lucky enough in 2010 to meet Bill. Bill has a building on his property that he's used to
help a few rescues foster cats for the last 12 years. He works hard cleaning the building and the
cages, doing litter boxes, feeding & watering and all the things that come along with the daily care
for 50+ cats, in addition to his full time job.  

    I handle the adoption process, vetting, the website, facebook page, events, expenses, bring
them home if anyone gets sick, and many other things.

    Also in 2010 I met my boyfriend, who thought he knew what he was getting into when I said
"Love me, love my cats". He's a huge help with events and a lot of the physical activities I am
unable to do.

    We have had a number of people help us along the way. There are people who continue to help,
those are listed on the Colleen's Knights page.

    I haven't added the numbers recently, but at last count we had adopted out over 500 cats and
gotten 425 spayed/neutered!
 First, here are a few paragraphs that I wrote when I first started doing rescue  that are still true
today. I hope it gives you an idea of how I try to run the rescue.
    We know & love these cats like they are our own. When you adopt from us, we can tell you all
about their personalities and what type of household they'd likely do best in. You can be rest
assured that if a kitty has a known behavioral or health issue, we will tell you. This ensures your
happiness and the cats'!

    We don't have set hours so we can work within your schedule(within reason, no midnight calls
please!) After you send your application, I usually process it within 48 hours.

    Our priority is great homes for the cats. From the application on we'll answer any questions to
the best of our ability, regarding introduction, behavior, diet or any others you may have.
We believe our job doesn't end with the adoption. We make a lifetime commitment to our kitties &
that includes trying to help make the entire family, pets and humans, happy. A happy home is a
forever home!
         I don't do owner surrenders. A pet is a lifetime commitment and there are too many cats out
there that have no one, who could die without intervention. I will do everything I can to assist
someone if they have a problem, for example I can't count the number of times I've taught people
how to clip nails or sat on the phone trying to figure out situations or behavioral issues. Check out
the Herald's Address for help on common problems.
    I do understand that sometimes there's no choice. We took 2 cats from a couple in their 70's
who had been foreclosed on, we helped a family who moved from several states away just to find
out they'd been swindled in a housing scam and others. The majority of people calling looking to
surrender their pets aren't in these situations, they either just don't want the responsibility
anymore or haven't tried very hard to find a solution. (again NOT ALL, this may not be you) I truly
want to help pets and their people, but I think too many people just expect that someone else will
handle it for them if they no longer want to.
*We are not 501c3. The entire process costs
anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 when you
add up all the little fees. We are currently
looking at grants and fundraising to help